Eucharistic Adoration Testimonials

In the Diocese of Orange

"'Waiting on the Lord may seem like it takes time but in my experience it has saved me time. It seems I can accomplish more because I have better focus und God’s direction. I like God’s time & schedule rather than mine because in the long run I am blessed and at peace. I praise God for leading me to this blessed ministry."

"Time with Jesus is our Treasure.Adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has given me peace & strength in difficult situations and the ability to focus on what is most important in life situations."

"In our humanness may time we fail to see what the Lord does for us! We think of big of big miracles like the healing of cancer, or bondages to addictions, or the healing of a marriage, but in my case its been peace of reconciliation in my family. There was so much tension when we got together my son was barely talking to his sister, there seemed to be a hidden anger between both of them. My daughter-in-law is very difficult, my grandson has attention disorder but despite all this we were able to do a Nine day vacation and the Lord brought peace & forgiveness in my son & in his family & in my daught and her family. We were all amazed. Little did they know Mom was on her knees before the Blessed Sacrament for months seeking God’s presence and peace on our trip. Even my daughter-in-law said wow, what an awesome vacation! Thank you Jesus and to his holy Mother Mary. "

"The hour I spend in the Chapel with Jesus is always fullfilling. My spiritual strength goes up a notch each week. To have a hour of prayer in silence is rewarding in itself. I always feel His presence and his smile when I enter and I know He is happy I am there. And I always stay humble and grateful as I look up high and see the back of Jesus on the cross. This is my uninterrupted time to converse with him, to thank him for my gifts and for Him giving up his life for me, and to pray, to meditate and to read Scripture and learn more about Him and the Church. This hour is something I look forward to. To be in His presence is indeed magical. All Catholics should find time to visit Him and shut out their world for one hour and go into His. It is a "Feel Good" hour. One hour in the Chapel, one hour on Sunday...not much to ask of us.His cross meant He cared for us, we need to give back and care also."

"When I was a child in about the 5th grade, I found a book in the school library. I don't remember the name of the book, but I read one paragraph in which a child went to Mass with his grandmother, who had explained the Real Presence to him. The quote was, "Lift me up Grandma. I want to see Jesus." That quote has stayed with me all these years and at the elevation of the Eucharist, I am the little child who wants to see Jesus. I signed up for adoration when it was first instituted here at St. Vincent dePaul, For several years I was alone and absolutely loved it. When I had serious problems, I would spend my hour crying and praying. When things were going well, I would sometimes sing hymns. My hour a week means the world to me and I am so grateful that we are blessed with this opportunity."

"Eucharistic Adoration has touched my life since the summer of 2005 when I have enrolled to be a member until the present and as long as I breath. I know that this is my opportunity to be love and love with true love in my life and in my human society. I feel that Jesus Christ is there to listen to my distressed or happy conversation, or I just sit there to see and feel his love that is so generous, so huge that when I get in the chapel, I have so much pain but when I get out , I feel so much peace, so much love."

"Eucharistic Adoration, regains my energy, confidence and confirms in my mind truth and love. It is my foundation for me to go the ways that God wants to lead me to eternal happiness."

"Eucharistic Adoration in Chapel is my secret place. I am very appreciative for the invitation to become an adorer five years ago. It is precious gift to my life."